1. There shall be a League Secretary appointed by the HHB.
2. All decisions regarding the administration of the leagu shall be made by the League secretary or, on instruction, from the HHB.
3. Each team shall register with the League secretary confirm participation, club colours, club chairman or team manager, and contact name, telephone, cell phone and, e-mail address.

4. The HHB shall determine the level of entry fees payable by each team. Such fees shall be paid by such date as determined by the Board.
5. The league shall, as far as possible be played on artificial fields and, will be played subject to the Rules of Hockey as allowed by the FIH.
6. The League secretary shall award match points as follows:
Win - Three points
Draw - One point
Loss - No points
7. The team with the greatest points shall be the winner.
a. In the event that two or more teams have an equal number of points, the winner shall be determined by calculating the goals for less the goals against.
b. If teams have an equal goal difference, then the winner shall be the team with greatest number of goals scored.
c. If the teams remain level, then goal average shall be used to determine the winner. This is goals for divided by goals against.
d. If the teams are still level, the team fulfilling all fixtures shall be the winner.
e. In the event that the teams remain level, the league shall be declared a draw,


1. Players must be members of the club that they are representing, and no player may represent more that one club during the season. .
2. A player may not change clubs during the year without a clearance letter from current club. This will be subject to HHB approval.
3. The League secretary has the right to demand membership proof of member-ship at any time.
4. Teams shall submit a list of players 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the match to the appointed HHB official.

5. Teams may only participate in their registered colours. In the event of conflicting colours, the home team shall wear their second strip. The team that is first on the team sheet is considered to be the home team.
6. All players’ shirts shall be numbered in accordance with FIH requirements.

7. No player shall be allowed to participate if not dressed appropriately, in registered team colours and, in conformity with the Hockey Rules.
8. Teams are reminded of the FIH regulations that allow advertising only on the front of the shirt, which may not exceed 350cm2. Small logos will be permitted on the sleeve and shorts (only one per article of clothing).


1. Clubs/teams are responsible for the behaviour of their players and their supporters. A club may be called to answer before a disciplinary committee, and face sanction, for the behaviour of their supporters.
2. The League secretary shall keep a record of all cards issued to players. The following suspensions shall apply automatically:
One Red card Immediate two games suspension
Total of three Yellow cards Immediate one game suspension
Total of five Yellow cards Immediate two game suspension.
3. There shall be a disciplinary hearing once a red card is issued, or if five yellow cards are accumulated.
4. Disciplinary hearings shall be held in accordance with the HHB Constitution and Bye-Lays, save for the specific provisions detailed below.
5. Disciplinary hearings shall be held as soon as possible after the offence. The League secretaries, may at their discretion, extend suspensions until the disciplinary hearing.
6. The disciplinary committee shall comprise the Secretary the Provincial President and the League secretary.
7. The club/team or player may appeal to the full HHB Disciplinary Committee; such appeal must be made with 3 days of the hearing, and shall be held as soon as possible. Thereafter, appeal may be made to the HAZ.
8. Any club, team or player wishing to submit a complaint against any other club, team or player, or against any umpire, official or the League secretary, must submit such complaint in writing within 14 days of the alleged offence or incident.
9. The League secretary may issue to all or specific clubs/teams/players such disciplinary warnings as deemed necessary from time to time.


1. Umpires and judges shall be appointed by the Umpire Sub-committe.
2. The provincial board is responsible for ensuring that the field is prepared in terms of international standards for the match with table and team benches provided.
3. The provincial board must ensure that match sheets / cards are available before the start of the game, and shall appoint an assistant judge.
4. Umpires shall wear the approved dress.
5. Umpires shall sign the match sheet / card and report at the end of the game.
6. In the event that umpires do not arrive for the match, each team shall nominate a player to perform such function.
7. Where only one umpire arrives, the home team shall supply an umpire.
8. The replacement of officials must be done so as to allow the game to start within ten minutes of the scheduled time, even if this means that a player is seconded.


1. Should a team wish to appeal or lodge a complaint concerning a match, the captain of the team shall submit such appeal or complaint in writing together with a deposit of $50 to the League secretary not later than 48 hours after the completion of the match as record by the match officials.
2. Any such intention to appeal should be recorded by the team captain on the match cards and records at the end of the match in question.

3. The disciplinary committee shall meet within 7 days of such an appeal being made. If the committee finds that the appeal is of a trivial nature, the deposit or part thereof, shall be forfeited.


1. Where the start of a game is delayed for whatever reason, that match shall be reduced in time so that any subsequent fixtured match, shall start the time scheduled.
2. Where a match is played short, the TD shall endeavour to play two equal halves.
3. The result of the match at the end of the agreed time shall be recorded as the match result.


1. In the event that a match is suspended due to poor light or bad weather, it shall reconvene at the earliest possible time and continue from the time that it was abandoned.
2. If a match is abandoned for whatever reason, the result at the time of the abandonment shall be taken as the result, except where the leading team is responsible for such abandonment, where the points shall be awarded to the opposing team on the same basis as though the offending team had forfeited the match.
3. Matches shall be suspended or abandoned at the discretion of the appointed judge. The judge will be required to submit within 48 hours, a report to the league secretary detailing why the game was suspended or abandoned.


1. Teams may apply for a postponement when –
• the application is made by both teams 3 working days prior to the match and, confirming in writing
2. A minimum of 4 players must take the field within 5 minutes of the scheduled start, failing which the match shall be forfeited to the side with a team present, who shall be deemed to have won the match by 3 goals to nil.
3. If both teams fail to provide 7 players, both sides shall forfeit 3 points each, and such additional penalties as may be determined by the HHB. The match will not be re-scheduled.
4. Teams not fulfilling fixtures will may be fined a such sum determined by the HHB and have deducted 3 points per fixture not completed, in addition to forfeiting the match points.
5. A team asking for a postponement will have to incur the cost of rescheduling. These involve, pitch hire, umpires fee and board duty fees.
6. Teams applying for a postponement are reminded to do so only in extreme need as the rules do not favor the granting of postponements and, if it is not possible to play the postponed matches, the team shall forfeit the points.


1. The team that wins the second league will be promoted into the A league.
2. The team that loses A league will be relegated into the B league.

3. If the award of the Fair Play Trophy is discontinued, the Trophy shall be returned to the Matabeleland Hockey Board.